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Reach Outer Banks homeowners across the United States with an ad in the Outer Banks Service Directory. Homeowners use the Outer Banks Service Directory to find service providers to maintain, repair, or update their homes. Wondering if the Outer Banks Service Directory is the right fit for your business? View the suggested directory listings to the right to see if your services offered are listed. If they are not, please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Print Distribution

The Outer Banks Service Directory print distribution targets two specific audiences, including out-of-town homeowners and local residents. To reach out-of-town homeowners, we direct mail 21,979 directories across the United States to homeowners owning a property from Corolla to Hatteras including Roanoke Island. To reach local residents, we saturation mail 20,230 directories to each and every mailable address from Corolla to South Nags Head, including Roanoke Island.

NEW! Online Directory

In February 2017, we will launch a brand new, searchable, online directory to connect your services to potential customers. Using the Outer Banks Service Directory website, locals and homeowners will be able to easily find your professional services for their home.